Change is nec­es­sary for pro­gres­sion — whether it be uni­ver­sal or per­son­al. Often times, the sim­plest changes can make the biggest impact — got­ta lose the dead weight if you want to evolve.

A few days before Christ­mas I cut all of my hair off in a fit of rage — it had to go, I did what had to be done. I decid­ed to just get it over with — stop tor­tur­ing myself as I kept attempt­ing to fix DIY gone-awry over and over again — just cut it off.

It was kind of ter­ri­fy­ing, but it was amaz­ing. And then some­thing inter­est­ing hap­pened: for the first time in years I start­ed to feel like myself again. I start­ed being able to regain feel­ing all of the lit­tle nuances of myself, the lit­tle things that made me feel unique, the things that I thought had been erased by the real­i­ty that I had come to accept and the trau­ma that brought me there. It remind­ed me that I am still alive, and I’ve still got so much more awe­some ahead of me.

Every­thing is going to be okay… I real­ly mean that.


I know. It is just a hair­cut. But you know what? It makes me ridicu­lous­ly hap­py, and that is awe­some … we can talk about the blonding lat­er. Oh yes, the blonding is epic. Dammit.

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