Month: February 2018


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<span class="sub-title-primary"></span> <div class="northernlight"><span class="drop-cap">S</span>ome­times mag­ic hap­pens, and even bet­ter, some­times you are record­ing when it does. Here is one of those moments, it even­tu­al­ly evolved into this whole elab­o­rate pro­duc­tion, but at one point it was just a skele­ton and oh, what …</div>

Becoming Tangible

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<span class="sub-title-primary"></span> <div class="tsunami"><span class="drop-cap">T</span>he peo­ple who glad­ly cov­er them­selves in flour and roll around on your cold stu­dio floor for the ben­e­fit of your ridicu­lous vision are the best kind of peo­ple to have as mod­els and as friends. </div> <p> …</p>

Anne Hathaway Musings

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<span class="sub-title-primary"></span> <div class="groovy"> <p class="intro"> <span class="drop-cap">E</span>very time I see a movie with Anne Hath­away in it I can’t help but think to myself, “why didn’t they get a bet­ter actress?”</p> </div> <div class="deepspacenine" style="text-align:left;"><span class="dropcap">I</span>t’s not that I dis­like her, I’m just not real­ly a fan. Two …</div>

So, yeah… what are you doing?

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<span class="sub-title-primary"></span> <div class="distortion"> <p class="intro"><span class="drop-cap">W</span><span class="run-in">hat Am I doing? That is a fan­tas­tic ques­tion.</span> The entire­ly vague and vague­ly per­son­al answer is that I’m final­ly writ­ing this damn thing. Appar­ent­ly I have been pathet­ic, and in the course of becom­ing pathet­ic, I have also gone </p>…</div>