Anne Hathaway Musings

Every time I see a movie with Anne Hath­away in it I can’t help but think to myself, “why didn’t they get a bet­ter actress?”

It’s not that I dis­like her, I’m just not real­ly a fan. Two of my favorite movies are Broke­back Moun­tain and Inter­stel­lar, and I don’t find her dis­tract­ing in either one of those BUT I can’t help but feel that a dif­fer­ent actress would have been bet­ter.

Eh, actu­al­ly, keep her in Broke­back Moun­tain. And I guess I real­ly can’t pic­ture any­one else in her role in Inter­stel­lar, but I think that’s prob­a­bly due to the fact that I’ve seen that movie a bunch of times and I love it the way it is.

She killed Les Mis­er­ables (that’s “killed the film”, not “killed it in that film”)… not to say that the film didn’t have a whole slew of oth­er issues, but she was big one — you aren’t sup­posed to feel relieved when Fan­tine dies. Her accent in One Day is ridicu­lous­ly incon­sis­tent and dis­tract­ing, it irked me to the point where I actu­al­ly felt like she had it com­ing to her at the end. Two big roles that just weren’t good — hard to recov­er from that.

She did, how­ev­er, just go pub­lic about what a hard­core pot­head she is — so, at least there’s that. Respect.

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