Reading at the Movies

Nyle DiMar­co on the deaf cin­e­mat­ic expe­ri­ence ⇒

I recent­ly went on a sim­i­lar tirade about the impor­tance of accu­rate cap­tion­ing and how it’s half of the movie expe­ri­ence for peo­ple who depend on them so more care and artistry should be put into them. But I’m not deaf so my opin­ion doesn’t mat­ter, ok fine, get it. I use cap­tions to fol­low dia­logue while there’s child-induced insan­i­ty clog­ging my ears — not the same urgency — but I still feel very strong­ly about this kind of thing. So hey, check this out, some­one with a rel­e­vant opin­ion!

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