Today I hit a deer. This is the sec­ond one this year, exact­ly 100 days after the first one. It was on the first of the year. So, to reit­er­ate, Jan­u­ary 1st of 2018 I hit a deer and then, 100 days lat­er, I hit anoth­er one. That’s fuck­ing crazy, right? I think it’s com­plete­ly insane… I’m thor­ough­ly freaked out at the moment. I am also a bit ner­vous about what might hap­pen 100 days from now, or when I might hit deer #3 because every­one knows these things hap­pen in threes… meep! I’m a very, very care­ful dri­ver. I don’t text and dri­ve, I don’t dri­ve intox­i­cat­ed, I don’t have a speed­ing prob­lem, I am prag­mat­ic about traf­fic laws… why have I become a mag­net for large and destruc­tive road­kill?

The first time I was lucky and was only left with a few tufts of fur stick­ing out of the rim of my back left tire. This time, well… thank God for crum­ple zones. I’ve got a cracked grill, smashed head­light encase­ment, cracked bumper, fog lights and vents bust­ed out, bro­ken fend­er… but odd­ly enough, no bro­ken glass or engine dam­age. I also walked away from both crash­es with­out as much as a scratch — I sup­pose I have been very lucky… although, if you ask me, lucky would have been not hit­ting the deer in the first place.

They say, “three is a charm.” They also say “kar­ma comes back at you three-fold.” Cer­berus has three heads. You can sur­vive for 3 days with­out water but only 3 min­utes with­out breath­able air. There can be only 3. What do these things have to do with each oth­er or deer? Noth­ing, noth­ing at all. The chances of a third occur­rence are not height­ened or reduced by the ini­tial occur­rences. I know this… doesn’t make me feel any bet­ter.

Yeah, this one is going to be fun to live down. Here’s hop­ing the insur­ance process isn’t as destruc­tive as the acci­dent.

Something’s got­ta give.

April 13th: Deal­ing with my insur­ance com­pa­ny was a plea­sure. My acci­dent is ful­ly cov­ered after my low deductible, and my rates won’t go up. At least there was that.

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