Regard­less of any­thing else that tran­spired in the process, my daugh­ter is reg­is­tered for kinder­garten in the Fall! Wahoo! Mommy’s get­ting a very small por­tion of her life back in a few months — super excit­ing. Of course, I’m going to have to fight for it — from the very begin­ning. What else is new?

The kinder­garten reg­is­tra­tion process was not easy. No, it was not easy at all. Nor was it quick. That, how­ev­er, was typ­i­cal — some­thing very sim­ple that I had to go about mak­ing as dif­fi­cult as human­ly pos­si­ble. Seri­ous­ly. All we had to do was walk in there, sign in, wait for a few min­utes, meet with some­one for less than five min­utes, and then head out on our mer­ry way. It could have been so sim­ple and pain­less.

But it wasn’t.

No, it was not sim­ple and it was not pain­less. It was insane­ly com­pli­cat­ed, exas­per­at­ing, painful and it left me feel­ing like I have no con­trol over any­thing, defeat­ed and pathet­ic. Heh, but what doesn’t do that these days? C’est la vie.

In case you were won­der­ing what the most effi­cient way to make a ter­ri­ble first impres­sion is, I’ve got some notes that you may want to read. You wouldn’t think that destroy­ing any face that you may have per­ma­nent­ly would be so easy to do with­out any effort, but when you have two kids any­thing is pos­si­ble.

Where should we begin? Ok, let’s start at the begin­ning.

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