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About Me

So, here’s my basic info:

  • My name is Katie, I’m 35 (How the hell did I get to be thirty -five freaking years old? How is that even physically possible? Did I black out for a decade at some point? This is absolutely ridiculous. Heh, 35… damn… anyway…) and I live in Fallston, Maryland with my 5 year-old daughter, my 2 year-old son, my amazing husband, my 2 weird cats and whatever woodland critters come in and out of our house undetected on a fairly regular basis (oh come on, I can hear you up there, I am not stupid).
  • I am a photographer. I used to be a model… and then a modelographer (more on that in time), but then I had two kids and aged 20 years in a 5 year period – it left me feeling not so youthful and fabulous – so now I only model on a very limited basis. Like, a ridiculously limited basis. But I still thoroughly enjoy shooting people now as much as I did when I was still vital and vivacious, and if I must say, I’m a hell of a lot better at it now so, yeah… I am still a photographer. Excellent. I still like to take pictures of myself, so there’s that… yes.
  • I am a musician…? Sure, I am a musician. Well, I’ve been playing piano since I was three, I also play the saxes and clarinet. I went to the Berklee College of Music in 2001 where I proceeded to chance my principle instrument within a year of starting classes, and changed my major 5 times (the school only offered 7 majors at the time) in a two year period. I should have gone to a school that offered academic classes that were beyond the level of my 8th grade and Freshman years at Roland Park Country School, I should have gotten a real degree and I should have minored in music. Of course, throughout my erratic foray through corporate and retail America, I found myself continually surrounded by people doing the same job that I was doing for the same amount of money who had substantially more education than I did. I’d like to be able to whole heartedly believe that those were all coincidental freak situations but at least it did help me accept the fact that I totally blew my opportunity at getting any higher education prior to having kids.
  • I’m more motivated to go back to school than I have been in about 10 years… I still have absolutely no idea what I want to study, and absolutely no time to study it while I’m still full-time momming. Heh, look at that. I’ve come so far but gone absolutely nowhere. That’s beautiful. Not tragic. No, not tragic at all. Not at all. Nah. It’s cool.
  • I am, however, a damn good piano player. I don’t like referring to myself as a pianist, it makes me feel dirty. Thank God I don’t play the flute.
  • I love movies. I freaking LOVE them – I actually kind of start to go nuts when I don’t get to sit down and watch a movie on a semi-nightly basis. I am not good with dealing with my emotions – movies help me channel some of the crazy energy somewhere besides directly back into my life.
  • One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was because I wanted to talk about movies. And what do I do concerning things that I love? I talk about them ad nauseam… oh yeah!
  • I love my kids, they drive me completely insane on a constant basis… but they’re great. They really are, I am just not a kid person – I never have been – and I have been counting the days until both of my kids are over the age of 6… not saying they won’t drive me as insane (they’ll probably drive me more insane), but you can have an intelligent conversation with a six year old – with just about any six year old – and you can get through it before the subject abruptly changes due to boredom, apathy or lack of comprehension.
  • I am so sick of repeating myself. I don’t have the ability to speak to young children in terms that make sense – I just can’t do it.
  • I hated The Little Prince when we read it in 6th grade because making fun of adults and living in a fantasy world seemed like a waste of school time that could have been spent actually learning something (that was 11 year old Katie, by the way, 34 year old Katie has actually learned to loosen up and embrace her innerchild a bit… a little bit, but it’s something) useful. I Can’t say I currently disagree with every part of my original thought process, though… seriously, give me something I can use!
  • Legalize it, dammit. Just do it. Come on, just do it. It’s always 4:20 somewhere! Well, that’s not true… but just imagine. Oh yes!
  • I am terrified of talking to anyone on the phone – this has been an issue throughout the entirety of my life. I have accepted ridiculous, overwhelmingly dire and totally avoidable consequences that thoroughly screwed up my life on a very fundamental level in lieu of having to make phone calls. There was a time when I was in my late teens when I thought that I might actually have to figure out how to get over the phone issues (I had to psych myself up for a half hour AND practice what I was going to say to the person who answered the phone whenever I called for Chinese food delivery) in order to function as an adult in society, but apparently the rest of the world hates direct communication as much as I do. Now there are very few circumstances now where you actually have to get on the phone and speak to anyone in order to accomplish the same communication you can via email/text message/live forum/etc. And now, you get a paper trail. Splendid, let me tell ya.
  • Unfortunately I can’t quite get as enthusiastic about transferring the rest of my existence to the Cloud so that I may “live” solely and exclusively in a virtual world. It kind of makes me feel like I’m dying (I don’t dislike people, I just don’t like the phone). Other than the incorporation of the text message into what is considered to be direct and official communication, I am not loving the new era of technology – you know, the part where we cease to actually do anything in reality anymore, because we can just pretend to do it online? I know we aren’t quite there yet, but we really aren’t that far off. At all. That’s scary.

Alrighty well, that’s me in a very crumbly and crude nutshell. There’s obviously a couple hundred thousand things I didn’t mention, but that’s what makes this such a funky adventure – and it’s a groovy one, too. Keep reading for more information that is actually relevant to this blog and not my millennial neuroses.

And if the millennial neuroses thing works for you, then hey, keep reading! There is quite a deluge of mental instability and artful insanity in store… heh, just keep reading. It’s coming…

… it’s already here.

(Let me tell ya)
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