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Waiting at the Gate

I have only done specifically creepy shots for Halloween a small number of times. I’m not good with the deadlines the surround holiday-themed photography because I can’t get in the mood until we’re right up on the holiday and then there’s no way in hell I’m going to be able to edit in time for the photos not to be all sad and pathetic and late, so often it just doesn’t happen. But every so often, I get lucky. This year, the luck, dammit!

Breaking Boundaries
(and creating divides)

The first voyage outside of the studio with the infamous circle, and my first meet & greet in over 9 years. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but I ended up coming away with at least one shot that I really dug.


This is one of my absolute favorite creations with one of my absolute favorite models. It’s hard to go wrong with her… and, you know, 100 hours of Photoshop.

May the Fourth

Star Wars cosplay photography with Brandon Turner on Star Wars Day… may the fourth be with you. Or something like that.


On my 31st birthday my husband and daughter took me to the aquarium and I took some pictures. I love the idea of underwater photography, the execution of it however can be somewhat exacerbating… especially when you’re contending with crowds, tanks, dirty glass and you know… your children. But hey, look at the fishies! I…

The Silver Dog
: Only in Wisconsin

What the hell was I doing at the bar inside of a VFW in Racine, Wisconsin? That’s a very good question. This photo, while not a model, is probably one of my favorites from this shoot. It might even be one of my favorites from the year. It’s definitely one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken that doesn’t have a person in it. This silver dog sits on the bar of the Racine VFW.

Becoming Tangible

 The people who gladly cover themselves in flour and roll around on your cold studio floor for the benefit of your ridiculous vision are the best kind of people to have as models and as friends.