Night’s shad­ows prowl about
Your pres­ence keeps me unphased by the dark­ness
Not fear­ing
Not hear­ing the hor­rors of the world that sur­round
Fixed in one warm posi­tion
Long­ing that the night would nev­er end

Look around
See no one but you
Feel no one but you
Want no one but you
Feel­ing your heart pound­ing in time with mine
Glow­ing with eupho­ria
Pray­ing for the end of the world this instant
So that you are all I know and remem­ber

But alas
The sun ris­es and pro­gres­sion con­tin­ues
I will lose you in a cou­ple of hours
But only for a short while as the hours tick by
And the moon ris­es and falls once again
I, still enchant­ed
Use sleep as a weapon against time
To short­en those point­less hours

I’ll feel your arms around me once again
And your lips against mine
And know that anoth­er night will be cre­at­ed just for us
And once again
When the sun aris­es
I’ll have you by my side
Sweet angel
I long to see you smile

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