From far across the great divide
I see what it might turn out to be

Once I fall into the chasm
Once I final­ly find my place

Sure enough, the coast is clear but
I can­not take a sin­gle step
Stran­gled by a lin­ger­ing stig­ma
Keep­ing me from find­ing my place
From far across the grand hori­zon
I see the col­ors of my future
Still too con­fused to under­stand them
Still too lost to find my place
But in the shad­ows of failed deci­sions
Lurks an ener­gy I’ve felt before
I must trust my ambi­tion
Until I find my place

With every sigh that i exhale
I dwell on what i could have been
Had I believed in sec­ond chances
Had I the strength to try again
If all to life is what I see
Then rip the strength right out of me
Until I choke on one last breath
And twist­ed log­ic destroys the rest
From deep with­in a tox­ic dream
I scream for life to reap­pear
and so i seek an abso­lu­tion
Until i final­ly find my place

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