Stop­light waltz and the way you said things
Words danced grace­ful­ly off the tip of your tongue
Charis­ma, baby, you’ve got it
And your eyes are drown­ing in it

Cof­fee shop, shoot it up and walk away
Relieve me of this sin again
Out of sight, out of mind, put it all behind you
You’re only human… you used to be
Your own rules, your own boss, your own slave
Con­grat­u­la­tions, you’ve made it so far…
Why not go all the way?
Attempts were nev­er worth your effort
Nev­er quite your style
Five whole hours?
Man, where the fuck have you been?
No one’s time was ever as valu­able as your own
Time was of the essence and you had it all
Now time is the only thing you have left
Or it has you…
Wrapped tight­ly around its lit­tle fin­ger
Why invest time in some­one else?
You’re the only one that mat­ters
And you’re still wear­ing that olive green sweater
You bor­rowed it from a friend quite a while ago
Before the impli­ca­tions of the title became too much to han­dle
He gave up on you a long time ago any­way
The effort that entailed caused far too much incon­ve­nience
No one was ever as impor­tant to you as your­self
But now you’ll have your so desired soli­tude
Don’t wor­ry, you always get exact­ly what you want
That’s all you need now
That’s all you’ve ever need­ed
Drop the fuck­ing act and shut your mouth for just one sec­ond
Quit talk­ing and start walk­ing
The race is fixed for you, per usu­al, you can’t lose
There’s no way
Tell that tasty lie over and over again
Savor it on your lips…
Go out with a fuck­ing bang
Anoth­er blast, hot stuff
Bang it hard­er and deep­er
Per­me­ate my inner sphere
Impelled toward every­thing you lust­ed after
The glam­our, the plea­sure
The con­nec­tion you feared
Sor­ry, my friend, it def­i­nite­ly wasn’t that good this time
And some­thing tells me you aren’t get­ting any bet­ter
Time to acknowl­edge the sta­tus quo before the next recon­struc­tion
Destroy all poten­tial oppo­si­tion before it becomes a prob­lem
You always made sure that no one could keep up with you
Try­ing to out­do just one more per­son before you out­do your­self, I see
Until exis­tence is noth­ing more than a lin­ger­ing dis­tor­tion of the past
The haze grows thick as you get sick­er
So go ahead, hot stuff, get fuck­ing well
Kill us off
One by one by one by one
And then feel as if we’ve aban­doned you
I know, it’s all my fault
It’s all their fault
It’s every­one in the world’s fault except for yours
Because you are fuck­ing per­fect
I know, I know… I am obvi­ous­ly blind
You’ve informed me mul­ti­ple times that I don’t under­stand
Which is iron­ic con­sid­er­ing the fact that i have absolute­ly no desire to under­stand you
You’ve become as pre­dictable as the weath­er
What’s there to under­stand?
Still con­vinced of your inde­struc­tible kar­ma?
Quid erat demon­stra­tum
You’re all the proof that I need­ed
And my god, have you grown even more stub­born
Didn’t think it was pos­si­ble for you, baby
But once again, you’ve proved me wrong
I fuck­ing give up
I don’t want to argue
No more retal­i­a­tions, no more con­tra­dic­tions
Savor the frus­tra­tion until i depart
Be hap­py that you can still feel at least that
Or have you already become a sta­tis­tic?
Does it even mat­ter?
Does any­thing mat­ter?
No, it doesn’t at all
You’re gone and you’re nev­er com­ing back
And yes
Thanks for every­thing
I’ll nev­er fuck­ing for­get you

Cloudy eyes
Pale skin
Rail­road arms
The tan­gi­ble con­cept illus­trat­ed
Look at your trans­par­ent ego on dis­play
Bro­ken side door squeak­ing in the wind
End­less nights and mis­con­cep­tions
The ter­ror in your voice that fol­lowed me into the hall­way
The fear i saw in you the very last time our eyes met
Bur­dened by the fal­la­cy of the sit­u­a­tion
Some­thing vul­ner­a­ble and unfa­mil­iar, but strange­ly pleas­ing
Care­free, like our glo­ry days of won­der and adven­ture
Dis­cussing every­thing we should do with our lives
Way too ambi­tious to ever be sat­is­fied
So many options, so many meth­ods of emerg­ing vic­to­ri­ous
I didn’t expect it to end like this, either
It wasn’t sup­posed to end
But baby, you’ve changed
I thought some things weren’t sup­posed to
I thought some things nev­er did
Deep plead­ing ocean of grey
It used to inspire you as you inspired me
And in the end we both were a lit­tle high­er
Speak­ing of every­thing we should do with our lives
There were so many oppor­tu­ni­ties, so many big chances
So many moments that passed with­out ever being acknowl­edged
Now so many of them are mean­ing­less
Just blend­ing togeth­er, blend­ing with us
Yes­ter­day, man, that was only fuck­ing yes­ter­day
It’s like you’ve died, but not quite
Fire­works, fan­ta­sy, fore­play, fear, ful­fill­ment
I was impressed
Every­thing was so fake, so syn­thet­ic
But it was all we had
And we loved every sin­gle fuck­ing moment of it
We knew so much
Until our knowl­edge took over us
We became impris­oned by our own rou­tine
You’d think we would have caught on ear­li­er
We lost our self-con­trol along with our vir­gin­i­ty
Dehu­man­ized and triv­i­al­ized just the same
Noth­ing means what it once meant
Dis­il­lu­sioned by our own lives
Gave away our souls for a quick fix to get us there
Stopped keep­ing track of the regrets
We used to be human
We used to care
We used to be roman­tic and whim­si­cal
Smil­ing effort­less­ly for no rea­son at all
Not ques­tion­ing
Liv­ing it up in style
And now there’s always a motive
There has to be a motive!
Our sick game is of sur­vival
Toss­ing death around as if it were a fuck­ing rub­ber ball
And we actu­al­ly thought we’d bounce right back
We were even con­vinced that we couldn’t pos­si­bly fall
Too good, way too fuck­ing smart, no way
Bril­liant, sweet­heart, so bril­liant
Any­more bright ideas?
Don’t feel bad, we’re in this togeth­er
Speak­ing in acronyms
Hid­ing in the woods
Expand­ing our minds
Shar­ing expe­ri­ences
Ignor­ing con­se­quences
Abus­ing unlim­it­ed sec­ond chances
Gam­bling with our mor­tal­i­ty
Addict­ed to tak­ing the risk itself
Com­fort became way too sta­ble to be enter­tain­ing
Entranced by the dan­ger we always par­tied with
We had to do it all
Had to expe­ri­ence every­thing
And we may have suc­ceed­ed
But for what?
For bro­ken promis­es
False sen­ti­ments
Shady decep­tion
We watched our­selves slip fur­ther and fur­ther away
And some­where down the road i for­get what your voice sound­ed like
I for­get how intox­i­cat­ing your eyes were
And you kept on fly­ing
Where are you now?
Don’t both­er hid­ing, no one cares enough to search for you
Dream, my friend
Just sleep the days away
No one will try to stop you
No one had ever suc­ceed­ed, why try now?
But i can’t bring myself to watch you any­more
You’re on your own
You’re one your own, gone, nev­er to return
And this is just a sim­ple lament
A requiem for yes­ter­day

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